I want to be honest with everyone looking at this site. I AM the little guy in the big pond. I also go about getting you a scholarship much differently than the other recruiting services. My way of thinking is that you are not just a video, not just a stat, not just a name posted on a website for a coach to find. I become your personal recruiter. I match your goals for education to colleges. If you want to be an engineer, do you want a scholarship to a law school? Once we have determined what you want your future to look like, I then begin the process of personally contacting coaches on your behalf. I become your scholarship advocate, and I take it very personally! I have developed relationships with coaches across the United States, from D-1 to junior colleges. I know which schools are looking for which positions in most sports. I often have coaches asking me to find a certain position or a specific type of player in both mens and womens sports. That’s my job, finding you the scholarship you want and finding the colleges the players they need.

If you want to go to college, I can help. Please contact me at

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